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    FAQ'S The Info You’re After At Rated i, the complete satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Check out some of our frequently asked questions below to get the information you’re looking for. Please read through the FAQ's before contacting us as your question might have already been answered. If you do not see the question you are looking for kindly CONTACT US and we will be sure you get back to you. WHAT IS VIRGIN HAIR? © Copyright Virgin hair is hair that has not been dyed, bleached, straightened, or chemically altered in any way. Each batch of hair is unique and no bundle is exactly the same. WHAT IS A WEFT? The stitching across the top (root) of individual strands of loose (bulk) hair. HOW ARE WEFTS CREATED? Loose (bulk) hair is fed though a triple-head sewing machine to create a reinforced stitch across the top (root) of individual strands of loose (bulk) hair. The hair is then folded over and stitched again to reinforce and create wefted extensions. WHAT IS A BUNDLE OF HAIR? A single row of wefted hair that is wrapped together weighing about 3.3-3.7oz or 100grams. WHAT IS A CLOSURE? A closure is bulk hair that is tied to a section of lace that is used to “close off” a sew-in, or a wig. Most closures are 4 inches in length and 4 inches in width. Since there is less hair in a closure compared to a frontal or 360 frontal, closures can be very cost-effective and lower maintenance than a frontal or 360 frontal. WHAT IS A FRONTAL? A lace frontal is bulk hair that is individually tied to lace material that spreads from ear to ear. It is constructed in a way that resemble a hairline that can be parted anywhere you like. The average dimensions of frontals are 13 inches across from ear to ear and 4 inches front to back. The lengths of bulk hair tied to a frontal can vary. Frontals are high maintenance! WHAT IS A 360 FRONTAL? A 360 frontal covers the entire the perimeter of your head and allows more versatility when styling. When you wear a 360 frontal you can pull your hair up into high ponytails without leaving any hair out. The average dimensions of 360 frontals are 22.5 in circumference with hair all around it, 4 inches of hair from front to back, and 2 inches of hair in the nape area (back of head). 360 frontals are are high maintenance! WHERE DOES RATED I COLLECTION HAIR COME FROM? Our long lasting, full cuticle human hair is sourced from India and Southeast Asia. WHEN WILL RATED I COLLECTION OFFER BRAZILIAN, MONGOLIAN, MINK, OR OTHER ORIGIN HAIR EXTENSIONS? We won't! A lot of people in Brazil and Mongolia would have to be BALD in order to service the hair industry's demand. With mink hair, all you have to do is google "mink" and view what comes up. You won't get thirty inches from that! A lot of hair companies are not truly selling these different origins of hair because people from these places are not lining up to give/sell their hair in those high amounts. Most of those hair companies are selling acid washed hair that has been processed to look and feel like something that it is not. WHAT IS THE GRADE OF HAIR FOR RATED I COLLECTION EXTENSIONS? Rated i Collection does not use the grading system (ex. 7A,10A,100A) for our extensions. The hair industry has no regulation when it comes to grading. Companies are either being mislead by vendors or are grading the hair on their own to boost sales. There is no such standard and its just misleading marketing to bump up the price of highly processed hair. HOW LONG WILL A RATED I COLLECTION WIG LAST? The lifetime of your extensions depend heavily on how they are cared for. On average our customers can use their extensions for at least six months and through multiple installs. However, with the proper care, your wig can last much longer than that! Processed hair (bleached, permed, relaxed, and/or colored) does not last as long as natural colored hair. To ensure that you are protecting your investment, Rated i Collection provides a hair care maintenance guide on our site to make sure that you get the most out of your hair. Just click the Maintenance tab for a complete description. HOW CAN I MAINTAIN MY RATED I COLLECTION WIG? To ensure that you are getting the most out of your extensions, please visit our maintenance tab by clicking HERE . There you will find instructions for each texture as well as closure and frontal care. HOW SHOULD I CARE FOR MY RATED I COLLECTION WIG? All hair reacts differently to products and regimens. Please be mindful to stay away from ingredients that can strip your extensions of moisture. Heavy oils are also not necessary to care for your extensions as it can weigh down your hair pattern and cause problems when styling. You can find more in-depth instructions on the maintenance page for every texture Rated i Collection sells. CAN I COLOR AND/OR BLEACH MY RATED I COLLECTION WIG? Yes, this hair can be colored and/or bleached, however , any chemical processes should be done by a professional or at least consulted by one since we do not offer refunds or exchanges. Always strand test before you process. This purchase is an investment and chemically altering the hair can possibly damage it. Although our hair extensions can handle a coloring process very well, please be cautious. If you chemically-alter the hair incorrectly, the cuticle can become damaged and overexposed, causing fraying, breakage, dryness, and tangling. This in turn will affect the overall look and feel of your extensions. It is recommended that you wash and condition it regularly after coloring. Bleaching and coloring is not really good for hair and performing these processes excessively will damage your extensions. Treat this hair as if it is your own. Remember, there is no reset button for chemically damaging your extensions, we will not be held liable for any damages. WHAT PRODUCTS ARE SUGGESTED FOR USE WITH MY MY RATED I COLLECTION WIG? We know that keeping up with your hair extensions results in longevity with them. We recommend that you try to avoid using products that contain acohol, that have sulfate or parabens, and using shampoos and conditioners with ph levels higher than 7. HOW CAN I MEASURE THE LENGTH OF MY RATED I COLLECTION BUNDLES? Your extensions should be measured from the weft to the end of the hair with a sewing or soft measuring tape. Starting from 0 at the weft, measure to the ends of the bundle. The Banjy, Lyfe, Hunty, Ovah, and Femme textured extensions must be measured by pulling the hair straight. Each bundle will not measure exact when it is still wrapped in its band, as tension can affect the fall of each strand. CAN MY RATED I COLLECTION EXTENSIONS BE STRAIGHTENED OR CURLED? Rated i Collection extensions can be styled like your own hair. You are able to use a thermal (hot) tool to straighten, curl, crimp, etc. Keep in mind the hair does not have all the nutrients that a strand growing from your scalp has. Heat damage can cause breakage and dryness. Therefore, it is imperative that you use a heat-protecting product, always co-wash your hair, and protect it. CAN I SILK PRESS MY RATED I COLLECTION EXTENSIONS? Yes but please consult a professional before performing any process. WILL MY RATED I COLLECTION EXTENSIONS HAIR SHED? All Extensions are subject to minimum shedding because no weft is perfect. We have reinforced machine double wefting, to minimize shedding to nearly none. After the wefting process, there may be some loose hairs caught within your bundles that are not attached to the weft. So it is possible that some of those loose hairs could still be present. The loose hairs should subside after your initial co-wash and sealing your wefts. You may see a few strands here or there while detangling and/or styling, but nothing troubling or excessive. The most effective way to avoid shedding is by sealing the wefts. However, chemically processing the hair, vigorously brushing and combing, cutting the weft, and constant wear/tear can cause the hair to shed more than normal. You can prevent excessive shedding by implementing the tips found on the maintenance page. HOW DO I SEAL MY RATED I COLLECTION WEFTS? Use a weft sealer of your choice and lightly coat ONLY the weft from end to end. WHAT DOES CO-WASH MEAN? Co-washing simply means washing with conditioner. It is a key task in extending the life of your extensions and keeping them healthy. We recommend a co-wash once a week with moisturizing conditioner to ensure your hair gets the nutrients and moisture it needs. When you first receive your extensions, it is important to co-wash the hair, as it has been through Rated i Collection's fulfillment department hands, manufacturers’ hands, packaging, etc. Shampooing the hair can strip the hair entirely too much of its moisture. Always use LUKEWARM water, as hot water will overexpose the cuticle of the hair. HOW TO CO-WASH YOUR RATED I COLLECTION EXTENSIONS Co-washing your extensions before installing is an essential step to not only gently cleanse the hair but to also add luster, shine, and bounce back into the hair for a flawless install. Please read the steps below to learn how to co-wash. Step 1: Saturate the hair with lukewarm water and apply a sulfate free moisturizing conditioner. Step 2: Comb conditioner through extensions with wide tooth comb or denim brush starting at the BOTTOM of hair and work your way up. Step 3: Let conditioner sit for at least 5 mins Step 4: Rinse throughly with cool water in a downward motion to close the hair cuticles and lock in moisture & shine. Step 5: Let hair air dry. Step 6: Proceed to install (Note: Read How to seal wefts) We only suggest shampooing your extensions with a clarifying shampoo if the hair cuticles have an excessive amount of product build up causing the hair to be weighed down. Regularly, shampooing can dry out the hair and strip it of its natural moisture. Be sure to use only sulfate free shampoo when cleansing and always follow it with a moisture conditioner. FACTS ABOUT THE LAST TRACKS IN THE BACK The very last rows in the back of the head (nape area) are the MOST NEGLECTED ROWS when installed. When styling hair extensions, it becomes so easy to just brush the hair around our face, in the crown area, and the hair you can see in the back of our head. You can easily care for these rows by putting all of your hair in a high ponytail, pulling down the last row BY THE WEFT, and brushing or detangling starting from the end of the hair and work your way up. Move on to the next row and repeat until complete. The key is to style the hair BY THE WEFT instead of randomly brushing everywhere because the hair is not coming from YOUR scalp. CAN I GO SWIMMING IN CHLORINE AND OR SALT WATER WITH MY RATED I COLLECTION EXTENSIONS? You can but you should know that chlorine is made to kill minerals and bacteria from water. This means that chlorine will strip out all the natural oils and vitamins in your hair. Salt water is very drying to the hair as well but yes, you can swim in the hair. We recommend using hair care products that are made specifically for swimming before and after you swim. You may be tempted to wear a swimming or plastic cap to protect your extensions but you should NEVER wear anything that covers your hair as it may cause matting. Before you go swimming please make sure to comb out any tangles you may have and then braid hair into one large braid. After swimming, undo the braid comb hair with a wide tooth comb, and allow hair to air dry. Next proceed with shampooing and conditioning. Remember to always wash hair immediately after swimming, spa, exercise, etc. because when product, dirt, and sweat accumulate, it can cause hair to tangle. However, too much leave-in conditioner and other hair care products will create a build up on the hair and will cause it to tangle as well. HOW DOES HOT WATER AFFECT WASHING MY RATED I COLLECTION EXTENSIONS? Studies have shown that iron and other chemicals found in water are more likely to affect hair when the cuticle is opened, and this happens during the application of warm/hot water. By reducing the temperature the cuticle is less likely to open, and will hopefully stop the iron from settling on the hair, therefore avoid using hot water and instead try using cold or lukewarm water when washing. WHAT IS HARD WATER? Hard water is water that has a high mineral content. It is believed that more than 85% of the water used by consumers in the US is classified at some level of “hard” water. CAN HARD WATER CAUSE DAMAGE TO MY RATED I COLLECTION EXTENSIONS? Yes, hard water can be very damaging to hair extensions because it causes hair to become dry, weak and brittle by stripping away your natural oils and leaving minerals sitting on the hair. HOW TO FIX HARD WATER? You could have a water softening system installed in your home which will eliminate hard water altogether, which can be extremely pricey or not an option due to living situations (apartments). Or you can do a hair treatment for hard water which is a much more affordable solution. HOW TO MAINTAIN MY RATED I COLLECTION EXTENSIONS WITH HARD WATER? Shampoo for hard water can sometimes help, however an effective conditioner will help to restore hair extensions that are suffering the effects of hard water. DOES RATED I COLLECTION EXTENSIONS OFFER ANY AFFILIATE PROGRAMS? At this time we do not but we are researching our options for the future. DO YOU HAVE A LOCATION TO PICK UP MY RATED I COLLECTION EXTENSIONS? No, at this time we are only online. DO YOU SELL WHOLESALE? Unfortunately we do not at this time. WHO CAN WEAR RATED I COLLECTION EXTENSIONS? Rated i Collection Extensions offers products for every ethnicity. Our hair looks great whether you are black, white, latin-x, asian, etc... We have many, many clients from a wide variety of ethnicities who proudly wear our hair. CAN I CHANGE MY ORDER BEFORE IT SHIPS? WE DO NOT CHANGE, EXCHANGE, OR RETURN ANY ORDERS ONCE STARTED. WE DO NOT RETURN OR EXCHANGE FROM BUYERS REMORSE. CAN I CANCEL MY ORDER? No, so please be 100% sure that your order is correct before you place it as we will NOT issue a refund for buyers remorse. WHAT ARE THE BUSINESS HOURS FOR RATED I COLLECTION? MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 10 am - 5 pm EST. WE ARE CLOSED ON MOST USA HOLIDAYS. CAN I BE FEATURED ON RATED I COLLECTION EXTENSIONS SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES? YES!! In fact we want you to get your 10's by being featured on our social media pages! If you want to be featured on our social media pages just add the hashtag Rated i Collection (#RatediCollection) and Serve Looks Give Fever (#ServeLooksGiveFever or #SLGF) in the caption/description box of your picture/video and add which texture and lengths you are wearing. You can also be featured on our site if you leave a testimonial on the testimonial page. Pictures that we post on social network sites such as Instagram,Twitter, and YouTube are used to showcase customer orders and hairstyles using Rated i Collection extensions. Different variables such as the use of flash lighting, computer monitor settings, editing apps, or even customers modifying their own hair once received can give different appearances.

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